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The Reading League is gearing up for its first comprehensive book study!

And it’s a PAIRED book study!

We will be studying a chapter from the National Reading Panel Report, published in 2000, alongside a corresponding 20-year update in the September/October issue of The Reading League Journal. Unresolved questions will be answered!

What was the National Reading Panel? Why did it convene? Who sat on it? Were teachers involved? What kind of research did it include & why? How did they analyze research? What did they learn? Are the findings still valid? What have we learned since? What myths circulate since its publication that we can address when we discuss the Science of Reading with others?

Join The Reading League Café: Coffee and Tea with the NRP on Facebook, specially created for this study. It will have all the info you need to participate:

  • Weekly Zoom links
  • Reading/discussion guides
  • Sneak-peek video shorts featuring author chats about their chapters!

PDFs of NRP chapters available to download now.



  1. NRP Chapter 4, Part I: Vocabulary Instruction, pp. TBA, and Part II: Text Comprehension Instruction, pp. TBA.
  2. The Reading League Journal: “Reading Comprehension: From Research to Practice” pp. 32-38.
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