Dyslexia: Discovering the Diamonds

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Dyslexia: Discovering the Diamond

The Reading League Louisiana webinar partnered with the Louisiana Department of Education and The Center for Literacy & Learning.


Session Description: Louisiana Department of Education’s Literacy Mission: Louisiana students will have improved literacy outcomes through high-quality instruction and interactions from an effective teacher who is supported by leaders and families. With so many great changes happening recently for students surrounding the implementation of structured literacy, students with dyslexia will still require continued support beyond whole-group instruction. We will discuss what that support can and should look like, where educators can go to look for resources, and how educators can recommend a greater level of service through special education services.


Charleen Long, Director of Instruction & Intervention for Diverse Learners

Throughout her career, Charleen Long has sought to enhance her knowledge and skills to improve outcomes for students with disabilities. She believes that knowledge is power and that it is through the application and sharing of knowledge that true change happens.

Throughout her 23 year career, Charleen has held various roles working to improve academic support and interventions for diverse learners. She has worked as the state’s 619B coordinator, middle school teacher, special education teacher, school counselor, reading specialist, and diagnostician. As the mother of a student with dyslexia, Charleen has learned to navigate the processes and supports as a parent and educator. She is an advocate and champion for all students, but has a heart for the diverse learner. Charleen currently serves as the director of instruction and intervention for the Division of Diverse Learners at the Louisiana Department of Education. She leads the Department’s overall strategy in designing, implementing, and coordinating activities associated with content, standards, professional development, assessment, and instruction for students with diverse needs and English Learners.

SueEllen Bates, Education Consultant for Diverse Learners with High Incidence Disabilities

SueEllen Bates has been a dedicated supporter of meeting the needs of all students. Through her experiences in the classroom and school systems in Louisiana, she recognized the matchless impact the right educator has in the lives of students. She is a believer in the power of words matched with actions within a professional learning community, high-quality curriculum with supports for struggling students, and inclusivity for all students.

SueEllen has dedicated her career to improving experiences and outcomes for students with disabilities. SueEllen spent her classroom career teaching pre-K, ELA, and special education. She worked with school system leaders to create systems that allowed collaboration between general education and special education teachers, further benefiting all students. She worked on a comprehensive list of panels, committees, and teams. She joined the Louisiana Department of Education this year as an Education Consultant and will be supporting studentswith mild/moderate disabilities, including those with specific learning disabilities in reading or dyslexia.

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